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Coin-craft develop a complete software suite for any Money Transfer company. Our platform covers most of the Money Transfer companies needs. Modules for agents, correspondents, API(Web services), Mobile Apps, Security, Sales representatives follow up, Accounting and more.



There is no doubt that technology is changing our lives and the social landscape. Technology is already at the heart of our everyday lives and in many cases, we take it for granted or simply don’t recognise the role software plays. We see a future (and not a distant one) where the application of software will be all encompassing and interoperability will be a major facet.


Our money transfer software provides a comprehensive solution to manage and automate every aspect of your money transfer business.

RobustEasy Customer Management

Direct customer registration allows you to send money in few clicks and let your customers know when the transaction has been successful.

Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

We have integrated the relevant modules into our software, so all you have to do is get on with doing business.

Smart Data Reporting

You can get detailed reports on transactions and the agent by checking the report tab.

PSet Your Own Tariffs

Users can set individual exchange rates and commission structures on a global level or at the individual level.

Flexible Payment Options

To keep your payment options flexible, we have included features such as payments by PayPal, Debit and Credit Card, Bank Transfer.

Access on Web, Tablet and Mobile

We’ve built The Money Transfer Application to allow users to access it via their PC, mobile device or tablet.

Easy Customer Management

Direct customer registration’ allows you to send money in just a few clicks and let your customers know when the transaction has been successful.

Customized Interface for Different Roles

We’ve built in a customized interface for each different user, so you can set permission to see different levels of information.

Linked Transaction Checks

All transactions to be linked to a sender or beneficiary to ensure they are both trackable and traceable.


Go digital with Coin-craft. We’ll help you all the way and scale with you, even to a global level

Customer Convenience

A quick, safe and reliable platform that saves your customers time and the hassles of going through banks for money transfer.

Safe And Secure

We built system with the highest industry standards so you can have peace of mind that your money is in good hands.

Unrivalled Customer Service

We have a dedicated team that strives to provide you with an unrivalled customer experience that will be matched by no-one in the market.

User Friendly Interfaces

User-friendly interface enables mobile subscribers to make secure and easy peer-to-peer money transfers from your mobile phones.

You Take Control

Setup your own exchange rate and commission structures and Add your own pay-in or pay-out agents.

Integration With Existing Site

Webcom integrates seamlessly with your website and other software platforms and processes that you already use.

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