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Enterprise Blockchain based solutions
using cryptography and distributed ledger technology
AMAZING BUSINESS SOLUTIONS Customized cutting edge solutions for Blockchain Wallet Explore WE PROVIDE a new paradigm to create fundamentally new ways of financial interaction and transaction exchanges. GATEWAY TO A FASTER TRADING EXPERIENCE Enjoy seamless trading experience WE PROVIDE in our developed state-of-the-art trading platform Wallet Development Developing Windows, Android and Linux Wallet, WE PROVIDE Create Highly Secure cryptocurrency transactions and store it with Universal Wallet both hard and soft fork. Mobile App Development We do not try to change the direction of wind, WE DEVELOP but we have a habit of adjusting our sails to always reach our destination

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Coin-Craft aims to lead the way, not just for real-world applications, but real-life solutions.


Cryptocurrency Development

Wallet Development

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Create Your Own Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Development Services

We are providing verious kind of Crypto Services for your Business

Custom Altcoin

Explore your custom Crypto Coin like Bitcoin, Litecoin & different altcoins with the assist of basecoin clone.

Algo Development

Buying and selling technology’s processes and toolsets in the software program development lifecycle to assure that newly developed algorithmic trading tools

Andriod Wallet

We are a leading Android app development organisation in India constructing mobile applications to help businesses in growing possibilities impossible to ignore.

Electrum Wallets

We are able to create an electrum wallet (windows) for your altcoin. it'll appearance and function similarly to the bitcoin electrum client. Electrum wallets are fast and light-weight.

Block Explorer

We will create a block explorer on your cryptocurrency. The explorer is based totally off iquidus and is a flexible, effective, clean to manipulate solution.

Mining Pool

we will create a mining pool on your cryptocurrency. The pool is based off NOMP and is simple to manipulate as compared to other pool software.

Paper Wallet

we will create a custom paper wallet generator on your coin. it's miles a self-contained javascript based HTML report as a way to generate cryptographically secure paper wallets to your cryptocurrency.

Node Hosting

We will run a node of your cryptocurrency on our excessive performance VPS with 99.9% uptime SLA. This is specifically useful for coins which are just starting out.


A faucet is a website that dispenses coin to visitors. We will create and host a faucet for your coin.

Blockchain Development Services

We are providing verious kind of Blockchain Services for your Business

Blockchain IOT Development

Coin-craft has set foot inside the field of internet of things (IoT). The IoT has added some drastic adjustments within the blockchain technology and distributed ledger technology.

Blockchain App Development

Businesses started out showing accelerated interest in cryptocurrency and ICO development, leading to growing demand in bitcoin and blockchain development.

POC Development

A proof of concept (%) is used to demonstrate the feasibility and practical potential of any blockchain project in any field which includes energy, services, insurance and Healthcare

Private Blockchain Dev.

A private blockchain network requires an offer/invitation validated by means of the network is usually set up with the aid of the network validator, where each participant holds the ultimate power.

Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts can be defined as Blockchain-based totally pc protocols which are digital versions of ordinary contracts and are coded with predefined conditions.

Supply Chain Development

Supply chain is the system involved from the inception of producing items to delivering it to the end customer. Blockchain can be integrated within the supply chain process to make it easier and transparent.

Exchange Development Services

We are providing verious kind of Exchange Services for your Business

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Customisable and scalable cryptocurrency exchange trading software built by experienced Blockchain engineers with high focus on security, connectivity and seamless environment.

Wallet Management

Cryptocurrency wallet is a software functionality allowing users to earn, monitor and transfer virtual currencies. Unlike existing banks or pocket wallets that store physical currencies,

Multiple Pair Exchange

Exchange Pairs are the two different types of currency that are being traded against each other. The very first trading pair you will run into as a beginner is going to be your native fiat/Bitcoin

3rd Party Listing Services

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Fiat to Crypto Exchange

A crypto exchange is an online website that provides a platform for the buying, selling, or exchange of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ether, and litecoin for fiat money like USD, EUR.

Legal Services

The cryptocurrency lawyers on LawTrades can provide proactive online legal planning to keep your Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency running smoothly during potentially rocky times.


Improving Your Business Today

Whether you’re opening your first account or adding to a long term savings plan, we have an account that will help you set aside money in a way that makes sense for you.

All Kind of Business Soluation Blockchain, Wallet, eCommerce and more…

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I have been fortunate to use the services of Coin-craft for the past four years. In this ever changing world of technology, Coin-craft has provided quality and timely service to my company.

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DisclaimerSmart Contract Audit only provides findings and recommendations for an exact commitment of a  smart contract codebase. The results, hence,  is not guaranteed to be accurate outside of the commitment, or after any changes or modifications

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