Coin-Craft is a cryptocurrency & Blockchain development company

ICO-Initial Coin Offering

The emergence of cryptocurrency accelerated token sales for blockchain bases businesses and enterprises looking to raise funds through token crowd sales. We are authentic and reputed ICO Development Company having deeper understanding of ICO markets, ICO Campaigns and ICO Launch processes. 

We will help you reach your desired goal.

We Develope ICO Related Stuffs Successfully

We are a leading ICO Development Company serving global clientele with our exceptional skills and proficiency in Smart Contract Development, Hyperledger Development, and Ethereum Development. You can rely on us for all-inclusive ICO development and support right from conceptual token design to website deployment and provide maintenance of infrastructure for your ICO Campaigns.

ICO Development Services

ICO Token Development

ICOs on the Ethereum network issue ERC 20 compatible tokens to its users via Smart Contracts which restricts the organization/individual holding the ICO from creating more tokens than originally specified in the initial contract.

With ICO Smart Contracts, developers can take advantage of the security the Ethereum protocol provides, eliminating additional technical overhead and complexity. Coin-Craft has competent developers who can code feature-rich ICO Smart Contract according to your project requirements.

ICO Campaign Website

A visitor of your ICO website may have some information beforehand and might be looking for details, or he can be someone who is totally unaware about your ICO and was just randomly searching the internet for an ICO to invest into. 

Thus, an ICO Website becomes the most important place for communication between a potential investor and the project. It must contain detailed information about the current state of the project, future development plans, the team behind the project and so on. The layout of the ICO websites is as per the requirement of the project. However, some of the important common sections of the ICO websites developed by Coin-Craft includes Project Presentation, Investment Information, Details of Projects & Token, Developer Team, White Paper, Sign-Up form, etc.

Pre-ICO Landing Page

Pre-ICO gives an opportunity to investors to buy tokens before the official crowdsale. Typically, pre-ICOs raise a much smaller amount of money, since they offer tokens at a lower price. The success of a Pre-ICO is one of the measures of overall confidence that the investor community has in the project. 

Coin-Craft has proved its excellence in Web Development services, and with our extensive research and knowledge of ICOs, we can design eye-catching pre-ICO landing pages which will surely impress your investors and pursue them further to invest in your tokens. We give you a choice of various layouts and designs while giving suggestion on key information which your ICO landing page must have.

ICO Marketing Services

ICO marketing requires the ability to blend best practices of both public relations and investor relations. Creation of a white paper followed by social media blasts is just not enough. A combined effort of thought leadership, credibility, channel creation and research is required for a credible ICO launch. 

Through our ICO Marketing Services, we design & develop your ICO campaign assets to give your project a professional look and build credibility. Our professionals are highly experienced and capable enough to clear your doubts. We custom-made consulting solutions for different businesses since all business are unique in their own way. 

Our consulting service involves following steps:

  • Social Media
  • PPC Ads
  • Bounty Campaigns
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