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Blockchain App Development

Businesses started showing accelerated interest in cryptocurrency and ICO development, leading to growing demand in bitcoin and blockchain development. we have earned a reputation for developing state-of-the-art mobile and web solutions and this expertise has nurtured us to present ourselves as a leading Decentralized Application Development (dApp Development) Company globally.

Our talented team of blockchain developers is thoroughly acquainted with the full development stack ensuring your Private Blockchain right from node deployment and Smart Contract development to complete front-end mobile applications and graphic design. You can rely upon us for scalable Cryptocurrency Wallet, Hyperledger, Bitcoin apps & private blockchain development services.

Blockchain Development Services We Offer

Cryptocurrency Development

Coin-craft is known for investing in cutting edge futuristic technologies. Bitcoin cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology is no exception to this focus.

We have built in-house capability and expertise to realize the full potential of this revolutionary new technology. Strategic Consulting Our team of expert Blockchain consultants will help identify and analyze the different use cases of Blockchain for your business. Blockchain Application Development We help you build a POC (proof of concept) or full distributed blockchain-based application (Dapps – Decentralized Application) for web or mobile based on the defined use case. Custom Blockchain Development You can use our proficiency in blockchain development to validate your product idea, create prototype, and design a blockchain as per your requirements.

Smart Contracts Development

Smart Contracts are self-executing codes that give you the security of Blockchain Technology and empowers you to store your contract terms in digital format securely.

Smart Contracts are immutable and get automatically executed when exposed to a trigger event (certain kind of data input). ETHEREUM SMART CONTRACTS Originally, Ethereum was designed as a Smart Contract Platform. Ethereum Smart Contract runs on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). In a way, EVM is globally distributed platform HYPERLEDGER SMART CONTRACTS. Hyperledger is a Blockchain fabric that allows for compliance with regulations. It supports varied requirements that arise when competing business work together in the same

Proof Of Concept Development

It is always advisable to check the viability of an idea before its full implementation. “Proof of Concept” is the similar concept of testing the workability of the ideas in the real business environment before going fully-functional in the market.

Proof of concept is developed for the identification of potential technical and logical problems. It helps in the solicitation of the valuable feedback about the product and service. Planning of the proof of concept should be such that it should be capable of addressing and supporting the business objectives of any particular product or service. The expertise of coin-craft team comprising professionals like business analysts and solution architects will help immensely in preparing a comprehensive prototype of your project, which in turn can be utilized for effective estimation, implementation, identification of bugs and shortcomings.

Blockchain Consulting

Coin-Craft, the torch-bearer of the Blockchain technology in India, with decades of experience is ushering the businesses to the path of development through its consulting service.

It is not only guiding in the journey of their endeavor but also helping in the identification of the specific business challenges, where Blockchain technology can be leveraged for such challenges. Our professionals are highly experienced and capable enough to clear your doubts. We custom-made consulting solutions for different businesses since all business are unique in their own way. Our consulting service involves following steps:

  • Analysis of Business
  • Brainstorming meetings
  • Solution Designing

Wallet Development

Our talented and experienced team of ethereum developers provide online Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services. Our wallets are highly secure and enable users to seamlessly send, store, and receive cryptocurrency.

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