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Developing apps that are compatible on versatile platforms and devices is the real pain, which by no means allowed persistence. Until now, it was believed that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to mobile app development. With the evolution and matured HTML5 platform, the mobile app development industry is seeing a stiff rise in cross-platform app development. Taking advantage of the newly available tools and technologies, developing hybrid mobile apps that work well across different platforms and devices is the rising trend. The Rise of Cross-Platform (Hybrid) Apps Mobile devices of all sorts, all sizes, and all configurations are pouring into the market across…

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For decades, a set of major forces worked together, to change the way we think about “technology”. So far, these radical forces have brought about evolutionary changes in software programming, virtual communications, and user interactions. Today, software’s and cloud infrastructure are increasingly combined with data and machine learning/Artificial Intelligence to become a major platform for tomorrow’s intelligent apps. What is an Intelligent App? Applications that precisely understand “Why” behind “What” are the intelligent apps. Machine learning and data analytics are considered as the backbones of the intelligent app ecosystem. The conception of micro-services and the flexibility it offers to coherently interface with…

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How to Build a Cryptocurrency Exchange and How Much It Would Cost?

The popularity of cryptocurrency has reached greater heights over the past few years and it has become a topic of discussion even outside tech circles. In certain places, the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum and LiteCoin have been used very frequently similar to the fiat currencies such as the Dollar and Euro. All the transactions are made through a cryptocurrency wallet. Even though the value of fiat currency will always be on top, there is a general perception that cryptocurrencies will eventually change the banking system and even replace them entirely one day. Despite the fluctuations in the value of cryptocurrencies…

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How to Create your Own Cryptocurrency?

In the recent years, cryptocurrency drastic rise in value has stoked a large amount of public interest in virtual coins and altcoins which are constantly being created every day. Currently, there are many virtual currencies in existence and that’s mainly due to the presence of dedicated virtual currency creation services present in the market. The likes of coin creator, wallet builder, and CryptoLife assists us in carrying out the technical work unless the coin creator does not have a clear set of interest and commitment, the customer is bound to fail in this task eventually. So, if you are planning…

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